Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to develop and erupt at the very back of the mouth. Our modern jaw structure rarely provides room for wisdom teeth, and this can lead to issues such as cysts, tooth decay, tooth erosion and infection.

Dr Neale Chiu Chong performs all your wisdom tooth extractions

A leading dentist for over 20 years, Dr Chong has honed his skills in all areas of dentistry, including wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom tooth surgery is performed using general anaesthetic and is conducted as a day surgery, so you can have complete peace of mind.

Early intervention means less trouble later

Wisdom teeth typically erupt around the age of 17-25, and at Perfect Teeth in Cairns and Redlynch we recommend wisdom teeth be removed at an early age (around 16-20) when the roots are not yet fully formed. This allows us to expertly remove wisdom teeth with ease and with minimal post-surgery pain or downtime.

Alternatively, wisdom teeth that have been left will typically be more difficult to remove and may result in a slower and more painful recover time.


Abate your fear of the dental chair with our sedation dentistry solutions

Many Australians refrain from visiting the dentist because they are too frightened of undergoing painful and uncomfortable dental treatment. At Perfect Teeth in Cairns, we understand this intense fear of the dentist and dental treatment, and want all of our patients to feel completely at ease while in our care. This is why we have implemented sedation dentistry techniques so any anxious patients can receive the treatment they require without fear, pain or discomfort.

Sedation dentistry is not just for the anxious

We also utilise our sedation techniques, which consist of local or general anaesthetic, to aid those patients who are time-poor and require all their dental treatments within the one appointment.

Sedation dentistry is also used for intrusive dental surgery, for example wisdom teeth removal, or other lengthy and invasive procedures. At Perfect Teeth we understand that bringing you the best in dental treatments means providing procedures that are virtually painless and effective, and we endeavour to stay on the forefront of advancements in dental procedures in order to supply this to you.