Holistic Dentistry

Perfect Teeth is an amalgam-free dental practice

Holistic dentistry uses non-toxic, bio compatible materials for restorations. This is why we implement tooth-coloured restorations over that of unsightly amalgam restorations. Besides being cosmetically unappealing, amalgam restorations can cause weakness within the tooth structure, which can result in cracking or fracture. On top of this, amalgam fillings also contain mercury, which is a highly toxic substance and can influence your health.

Removing your existing amalgam restorations

At Perfect Teeth we strive to reduce the exposure to mercury when removing existing amalgam restorations. In the treatment of removing an amalgam restoration care is taken by using many techniques:

  • Removing existing amalgam restorations in larger pieces with water spray to reduce the amount of aerosols
  • HVE (High Volume Evacuation)
  • Rubber Dam
  • Oxygen ventilation (if requested)